We were in Be’er Sheva on Election Day to show paintball to the children of the south this last Tuesday. The weather could have been better, but the expo was great.picture-36 We had a Sup’Air Ball feild on display with the best of the INPL rockin the audience. Videos were playing and the crowd couldnt get enough of the action. The question asked most was “When can we play?” and “Where do we sign up?”

This was a big day for paintball in Israel, with more than 500 people comming out just to see paintball. We hope everyone that was there enjoyed, and hope to see you at the next event.

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  1. amit bunker Says:

    אחי היה חבל על הזמן מזה נהנתי צריכים לארגן עוד אירועים כאלו זה אחלה שיטה ליחצון …… רק בעסה על המזג אוויר ….. אבל בסדר היה כיףףף

  2. amit bunker Says:

    אחי איפה כול התמונות של זה שצילמתם ???

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